is a Filipino word which means “mark” or “imprint”.


Staying true to its brand name, KINTAL is a design studio that works as a

creative partner for people looking to make their own mark on the world.  Through our creative and strategic design & communication services, we want to help purpose-driven startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, & freelancers build their unique brands and communicate their stories.


We also work with mission-based organizations (social enterprises, NGOs, non-profits), to help raise awareness for their causes and expand their impact in order for them to leave a lasting positive imprint on people's lives.


Side-by-side with our clients, we want co-create innovative human-centered experiences and solutions that will help build businesses, lives, & communities.

Better lives. Better businesses. Better communities.

The idea for Kintal was conceived as answer to this question. We have always believed in the value and power of design, but honestly, we are less interested on what design is than what it can do for the larger community.


We believe that designers can be great enablers of positive change. We have a huge opportunity as well as responsibility to create positive impact and enact social change. We can raise awareness for critical causes, inspire movements, incite actions, tell stories, and bring ideas into life.


 Through our creativity, we can come up with new ways of looking at the world and new ways to solve problems. We can use our knowledge, skills, & experiences to help build businesses, lives, and communities. Through design, we can help create a better future for everyone.


Better lives, better businesses, better communities, better Philippines, where everyone has a strong sense of purpose & desire to make a difference.


To help people make a mark on their field, on their community, on other people’s lives, & on the world - whatever pocket of it they belong to.


Offer strategic design and communication services, and

co-create innovative human-centered experiences and solutions.

Every work that we do here in Kintal are founded on these beliefs...

We believe that the most successful people, businesses, and organizations are driven more by purpose than profit.  They strive to solve real problems, meet pressing needs, and change the world in ways big and small.


That’s why here in Kintal, we focus on creating value that will leave a positive impact on people’s lives, because for us, that’s what success is all about.

We believe that with the right mix of heart, strategy, and skills, anyone can make a difference.


Many people have a clear vision of how they want the world to look like, and great ideas on how they can achieve it. But many of them need assistance in order to turn their intentions into actions.


Through creative and strategic design and communication, we want to help them breathe life into their visions.

In every work we do, we always put people at the center. We empathize with our customers so we can better understand them & their unarticulated needs. This way, we can help them communicate their stories more effectively.


More than that, we also actively involve our customers in the design process, and jointly create value with them. We believe that we can produce better, more innovative design solutions if we design with people,  & not just for them.

We believe that our society will be truly better if each and everyone of us have a strong sense of purpose -  a sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we have something positive to contribute, something ahead to work for.


That is the reason why we made it our mission to help create a sense of purpose for people, and help them turn their purpose into something great.

Success is about making a positive impact

on people's lives.

Everyone can make a dent in the universe.

Design is about people.

It's not enough to have a sense of purpose for ourselves, we also have to help create a sense of purpose for others.

By helping local businesses and entrepreneurs, we can help build local communities.

Most people do not realize that small local businesses have greater direct impact on Filipinos’ lives than large commercial establishments, and that they have a large role in building local communities.


That is why we made it our priority to help SMEs compete in the market, and help local entrepreneurs grow and be successful,